Unterkunft, Essen & Trinken in Vík

Hotel in Vik

In the center of the Vik village you find the Blix Hotel with its á la carte restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, or maybe only visiting the bar and café in the evening. 

Camping sites in Vik

A stone trow away the Vik Camping. You find even two more camping sites further out along the shores of Sognefjord just a few minutes drive from Vik center, Djuvik Camping and Tveit Camping, is by many the absolute number one favorite campsite what so ever. Both with unique overlooking the Sognefjord. 

Other great places to stay might be at the small farm Alm Gard, or the remote Arnafjord Cabins

If you literally want to get loose from it all and only accessible by boat, try Otternes Fjord cabins or the high end Finnabotnen Fjord Lodge, you know those places who get you feel alive, where your reflections naturally starts and recharging your battery.  

Gamalost Cheese and Berry Production

Vikøyri is renowned for its authentic culinary delights, attracting food enthusiasts from all around the world. 

One delicacy that shouldn't be missed is the Gamalost, a traditional Norwegian cheese with a strong and distinctive flavor. Learning about the intricate techniques handed down through generations back to the viking era when you are in Vik. 

Additionally, Vikøyri is known for its bountiful berry production. During the summer months, the village transforms into a berry paradise. You can pick your own fresh berries or taste delectable berry products made by local artisans. 

Vik is the biggest provider and producer of raspberry in Norway. A favorite is the local made raspberry juice. 

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