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Visit Sognefjord is the destination company (DMO) for the municipalities of Høyanger, Vik, Sogndal, Luster, Lærdal, Årdal and Aurland.

Visit Sognefjord is a sales, marketing and expertise body for businesses, municipalities and organizations that have interests linked to the tourism industry and profiling of the region, and contribute to solving joint tasks for the tourism industry in the participating municipalities.

Through gathering and coordinating resources and interests, Visit Sognefjord will work for a sustainable development of the tourism industry to ensure increased value creation and employment. Visit Sognefjord will stimulate development of knowledge, skills and products and be an active promoter of activities and projects that are important to the tourism industry. Visit Sognefjord will market the region as a destination for the leisure and MICE market, as well as contribute to marketing of the region as a place to live, work and experience. Visit Sognefjord shall be the representative of tourism in the region in relevant local, national and international forums.


The destination Sognefjord will be developed according to the vision «All Sognefjord, all real, all year».

All Sognefjord

To ensure that all parts of Sognefjord are developed on the villages' own premises, and to showcase the great range of activities, attractions and different sites. Cultivate the differences within what we have in common, and what is unique to each region and how the development should be.

All real

Building tourism on the premise of natural values, cultural history and the people who live here. Bring out life by the Sognefjord as it actually is and has been, and develop tourism in line with how we want it to be in the future. Building up under a balanced social development, which manages the resources in a wise way and which brings out the distinctive features of each individual village and business.

The whole year

Create a tourism industry that provides stable year-round jobs, which in turn creates new residents in the local communities, profitable businesses that are able to invest in further development and that contribute to maintaining a vibrant trade and service industry in the local communities. Develop products and services that provide an even number of visitors that match the villages' capacity throughout the year, and that give the visitors good quality experiences that match the seasons.


Visit Sognefjord AS, as a company, was certified as an Eco- Lighthouse in September 2018, and was recertified in September 2021. Visit Sognefjord worked continuously to improve its impact on the environment, climate and working environment in its own operations and value chain.

Eco-Lighthouse enterprises work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures on a systematic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally friendly operations and safer work environments. Enterprises are certified subject to independent assessment and must undergo a recertification process every three years. 

Go Green

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For all enquiries: Telephone +47 91 35 06 59 or email post@sognefjord.no

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