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  1. Vevring Kirche

    The altarpiece from approx. 1510, made as an altarpiece in Lübeck, is a so-called…

    92 m Entfernung in
  2. Luftkampmuseum

    Zur Erinnerung an den so genannten Schwarzen Freitag im Februar 1945. An diesem Tag fand…

    12.36 km Entfernung in
  3. Lachsfischen in Nausta

    The Nausta river runs out into the Førdefjorden by Naustdal. One of the country's best…

    16.93 km Entfernung in
  1. Naustdal Kirche

    Naustdal church was built in 1891. The architect was Adolf Schimmer and the master…

    17.26 km Entfernung in
  2. Tussehaugen

    ”Tussehågjen” is tht most known barrow from the viking period in Bygstad. The burial…

    18.82 km Entfernung in
  3. The Medieval Graveyard in Bygstad

    The Bygstad Churchyard (without a church) is located next to the viking barrow…

    18.86 km Entfernung in
  4. Bygstad Kirche

    Elongated wooden church that was consecrated on 02 November 1845. The church was moved in…

    18.96 km Entfernung in
  5. The Millenium Site - The Osen Farm

    The inner end of Dalsfjorden has been an important center for travel and trade. Here is…

    20.60 km Entfernung in
  6. Osfossen

    Osfossen is a waterfall in Osen, Gaular. This waterfall is among the most known…

    20.67 km Entfernung in
  7. Salmon Staircase - Gaularvassdraget

    Fishing for salmon in the Gaula River has been of great economic importance thtough all…

    20.66 km Entfernung in
  8. Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

    The Art Museum in Sogn & Fjordane was opened in september 2012 in Førde.

    The Art…

    24.97 km Entfernung in
  9. Førde Kirche

    Førde chuch was built in 1885.


    Master Builder: Iver Løtvedt…

    25.12 km Entfernung in
  10. Styggelifossen

    Styggelifossen is located in Naustdal. Drive towards Naustedalen to Kalland. It is…

    27.35 km Entfernung in
  11. Gaular Wasserläufen

    The Gaular waterway, Gaularvassdraget, is one of the most beautiful waterways in Norway.…

    28.31 km Entfernung in
  12. Sande Kirche

    Sande Kyrkje is the principal church in Gaular. Simple and pure in architecture, the…

    28.57 km Entfernung in
  13. Sunnfjord Museum

    Das Museum ist eines der vier "Bezirksmuseen" in Sogn und Fjordane. In der Hauptsiedlung…

    31.33 km Entfernung in
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